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Optimize your dental hygiene department by taking an integrated, team approach

  • Do you feel like you are working hard and your production is not increasing?
  • Do you feel like your hygiene department is under performing?
  • Is your hygiene department producing 25-30% of your total production?
  • Are hygienists in your office treating bloody prophys?
  • Does your hygiene department help enroll implant cases and high-end treatment?
  • Do you have one or more holes in your schedule daily?

I am so happy that you are here because we have answers and solutions to your challenges.

Dental Practice Solutions - Debbie Bittke

Dental Practice University

Do You Want to TURBOCHARGE Your Dental Practice?

Dear Doctor,

You went to dental school to do clinical dentistry. Now you have to deal with marketing, hiring, managing employees and cash flow is not where you want it to be!

Our team of consultants has created a one-of-a kind program for you and your team. When you participate in the Dental Practice University you will learn the latest information about the “business of dentistry,” what it takes to be your most productive and how to sustain your high level of productivity without experiencing the typical burn-out.

Our Goal

Our goal is for your hygiene department to be very profitable. The dental industry standard for the hygiene department is to produce 30% of your total office production.


This percentage fluctuates depending upon many factors in your dental office: types of services provided, how many providers in the practice, etc., but 30% is a good goal to have for your dental hygiene department.


We want your team to have systems and it is important for every team member to know what these systems are. Once your team understands the systems, they will be the people who drive these systems so you doctor, can provide your best clinical dentistry. We want to take the worry out of your life.

Our goal is for you to love what you do and enjoy life!


Our focus as we work together is productivity in your dental hygiene department and… without working hard.


What you will find that is different about us is that we take an integrative approach when working with your team.


You see, we believe that your dental hygiene department is the blood vessel that brings sustainable levels of profitability to your dental practice however, it is the team as a whole, who must drive your systems.


Maybe you are asking, “What systems?!”


Please don’t feel alarmed if you don’t have systems in place.


We have you covered!


Most offices we work with do not have many systems in place. Most of our doctor, clients, feel like they have so much to do with so little time to get it all done!


Doctor, this is where we come in. This is where you WILL have the systems, and this is HOW you and your team know what the systems are.


Each team member must know exactly what they need to be doing and when they need to be doing whatever it is they must do. The team members are the people who drive the systems so you doctor, can be your very best and not feel like you are doing it all!

What Makes The Dental
Practice University Exclusive?

In this training module we have information for the practice owner to take ownership of their dental business.


1 – You will receive a journal for creating your vision and 90 Day goals.

Should you have a vision and mission this information will support you to update and refine what you have created in the past.


It’s important as the owner of your dental practice to have an overarching goal and a strong reason for WHY your dental practice exists. You must have your vision and mission written and more importantly, you must articulate this with your team.


This helps your team to play full-out and accomplish your goals. Maybe some of your current team members do not share your vision and by articulating this, you will know who the real team players are.


If your team doesn’t know your mission, there is a good chance that you may not have the right people, in the right seats, on the bus.

  • Your 90-day goals will help you achieve the life you have always dreamed about
  • The journal assists you to create what you want for your life and your dental practice
  • We will share a practice profit snapshot, so you know where you are and where you want to be in 90 days, 1 year, 3 years and beyond
  • This snapshot will assist you in tracking the KPIs that really matter

Hygienists Rock

Your hygiene department is one area of every dental practice that has the best opportunity to grow the dental practice.

This is one area that we focus on but with an integrative approach, so it is not only the hygienist growing the practice, but the entire team is empowered to work in harmony to support the systems of your dental practice.


Hygienists have a lot of services to provide in a preventive care appointment. How can hygienists organize the services necessary to complete the preventive care and supportive periodontal maintenance appointment?

We have created a time management profile and a template for your hygiene department to customize so they understand what needs to be completed and at what point in the dental hygiene appointment this service needs to be completed.

Examples of this area: Wellness exams, the comprehensive periodontal exam (CPE), treatment planning that will support an increase in case acceptance, when to provide a prophy and when to treat disease.


  • What you will learn is exactly what the American Academy of Periodontology recommends.
  • We breakdown the CPE in bite sized pieces and get all the hygienists “on the same page”
  • When is it a prophy, a perio patient or gingivitis patient?
  • How to sequence treatment so patients schedule and pay for periodontal therapy

Hygienists Rock

Use of Nabers probe, Mini curettes and After-five curettes

  • When is the best time to complete the patient exam?

Use of Nabers probe, Mini curettes and After-five curettes

  • When to use?
  • Why should we use these?
  • When is the best time to complete the patient exam?
  • What is the hygienist’s BIG role during the doctor exam?
  • Prophy patient who needs Periodontal Treatment
  • Overdue patient who needs Gingivitis Treatment
  • Overdue Periodontal Maintenance patient with a few areas of active disease
  • What should we say so the patient understands it is not a “Deep cleaning?”
  • How do we sequence this so patients show up for their appointments?
  • How to we explain the mouth-body connection?
  • Scripts you can customize into your own words

How to get patients to return on time for hygiene appointments

How to reactivate overdue hygiene patients

  • Best practices
  • How to communicate with patients who won’t return your calls to schedule their overdue hygiene appointment

Strategic formula for contacting overdue hygiene patients

Power Up Your Front Office

Unfortunately, dentistry seems to have a revolving door of employees.


A typical employee stays an employee in a dental office for approximately 18 months.


How can you get the best employees to sit in the best seats in your bus?


We understand your challenge with hiring the best team. How can you find the best and get them to stay the lifetime of your dental practice?


We have it figured out for you!

Interviewing candidates for the position

– Template and forms to provide the best screening to hire the right candidate

Training forms to customize

– Recommended training for each team member

Job Descriptions

– Customize templates for your various employee positions

Delivering the Financial Arrangements

– What are the flexible arrangements can you offer your patients?
– Is an in-house payment plan for you?

Reduce Cancellations

Cancellations are pandemic. This has been a huge dilemma in most dental practices throughout the world.

What can you do to basically eliminate these holes in your schedule?

There is a reason why your patients call last minute to “change” they appointment and we have answers and steps for you to take so you have a schedule that meets your practice goals.

  • Learn one thing you must have in place to reduce these last-minute changes in your schedule
  • Sequencing communication to basically eliminate appointment changes
  • Learn what to do when the same people keep failing to show for appointments
  • Learn what to do for those call last minute calls to change the appointment
  • Simple strategies to reduce the chances of last-minute holes in your schedule
  • One thing doctor can do to eliminate the last-minute call

What People Say

“Debbie is Brilliant!”

“Started at 90k/month. Just broke 220k this month. Debbie is Brilliant as she goes above and beyond your expectations!”


– Dr. Rachel Hall

“Increased Production 60%+!”

“Increased Production 60%+ within 45 days working with Debbie and her team. “


– Dr. Bunmi Adekugbe

“Working with Debbie feels like I won the lottery!”

Debbie provided a hygiene department training for my multi-doctor office. We had no system in place for hygiene patients. After a few months we had a strategic plan for how we treat our hygiene patients and the order in which we will provide preventive care assessments.


– George Pamborides, DMD

“Debbie is knowledgeable and detail oriented”

“Debbie is knowledgeable and detail oriented, I worked with her in the development of a new dental hygiene program. She was easy to work with and fully understood hygiene programs.”


– Dr. Harry Nelson

“Debbie at Dental Practice Solutions played an important role during my interview and training experience.”

She asked some tough questions during the interview, but by doing so, made a good match. I love working at Apex Dental with Dr. Bunmi Adekugbe. In addition, she and the team at Dental Practice Solutions, provides helpful training for employees new to a dental office position. Thank you for helping me be a success in my new role!”

– Dorothy Cahill

Office Manager, Apex Dental

About the Founder

My names Is Debbie Seidel-Bittke and I have been working in the dental industry for over 35 yrs now. I am still a practicing hygienist and I have been the CEO of Dental Practice Solutions since 2000.

I graduated from the University of Southern California in 1984, began working as a clinical dental hygienist and also taught at the University of Southern California for many years.

I also taught the senior dental students at USC, the practice management course. Fast forward and I moved to Portland, Oregon where I started a hygiene program at a new college.

After writing the ADA accreditation, building out the facility, buying the equipment, hired the teachers, the employees and enrolling our first co-hort. I then returned to speaking and consulting full-time and my business full-time, Dental Practice Solutions.

I have been able to work with clients all over the world; from Brazil to Cyprus to Australia and Spain. I have a large support team that includes two consultants who are both dentists with a great success track record!

As an in-the-trenches hygienist, I understand what it feels like to “run on a treadmill.”

Debbie is one in a million, has to she can adjust to clients needs. What we needed, Debbie provided staff, with a well written game for them and our office mgr to execute and under her guidance the office production increased 35 %

Reno Lannini

How did I start?

Fast forward and I moved to Portland, Oregon where I started a hygiene program at a new college.


After writing the ADA accreditation, building out the facility, buying the equipment, hired the teachers, the employees and enrolling our first co-hort.

I then returned to speaking and consulting full-time and my business full-time, Dental Practice Solutions.


I have been able to work with clients all over the world; from Brazil to Cyprus to Australia and Spain.


I have a large support team that includes two consultants who are both dentists with a great success track record!


As an in-the-trenches hygienist, I understand what it feels like to “run on a treadmill.”


When I decided to become a dental hygienist, one thing I did not think about what all the things we need to do and in such a short period of time.


I knew that running on a treadmill and “cleaning thousands of teeth” a month was not going to be sustainable.


I had to find solutions so not only hygienists, but the doctor and entire team could enjoy more time doing what they love!


What happened next is that I started to create formulas and systems for not only me but our doctor and the entire team to STOP working so hard!


I have since had the opportunity to work in world class dental practices, as a hygienist and now as their coach and consultant.


I have personally tested what I teach with my previous employers as their hygienist. It was working well in the 90’s and today, I continue to refine the systems and processes I teach so what you learn is leading edge.

The doctors I worked for as a hygienist are living an incredible life! Now I work as the coach and consultant for dentists around the world sharing this knowledge and I get so excited seeing them upgrade their life.


I believe that you are here because you are looking to upgrade your life, you want to be at your next level of success in your dental practice.


I know you are working very hard and you want to enjoy life more.


What it takes today are 3 things.

The 3 things

The next step to take control of your life and stop letting your dental practice control your life is to:

1. Decide.
You need to say “YES!” by deciding to take control of your life.

2. Determination.
Part of becoming successful is the feeling of determination.
When you feel determined to change the way you are living life today, you will change the way you live life tomorrow.

3. Discipline.
You had a high level of discipline to get through dental school and now is the time to use your discipline with your team to get to the next level.

Success takes discipline.


Step 1

Create your vision and culture
Define what you want for your life and your dental practice.

Step 2

Find the simple systems that will support your team to grow your dental practice.

Step 3

The key is to implement the systems that you have in front of you. This is where your team will work like a well-oiled machine.

What happens when you put all three of these together?

  • When you have systems, life becomes simple to live.
  • Systems provide a roadmap to follow.
  • Systems will turbo-charge your productivity.

When you enroll in the Dental Consultant University you receive the same systems, scripts and processes that our clients use to increase their productivity.

Are you ready to turbo-charge your dental practice and live your best life now?

Are you ready to experience the same results our clients get from implementing these systems?

Let me show you how it is done:

What Will I Get When I Register for the Dental Practice University?

  • Over 100 video training modules with implementation guides
  • Ready to use forms, scripts, templates
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Practice profitability snapshot
  • Exclusive community to mastermind with other dental offices around the world
  • 24 AGD CE Credits
  • Individual Coaching opportunities available
  • KPI Snapshot (First Month Free)

Since you have come this far, you’re probably thinking…

Yes, this all sounds great but how do I know it will work for my dental practice?
And how do I get my team to actually participate?
What will I get when I begin paying each month?

Let’s put money aside for now and let me explain a few things:

1. No Risk

I have put a no-risk situation right in front of your eyes. I am giving you 14 days access at no cost. This means, the moment you add your name and email, in the registration boxes, in fact, I will let you add another team member to get access to all this; you will receive information immediately that I can guarantee, if you use, you will begin to GROW your dental practice productivity!


If you download the training videos, forms and workbooks in the first 14 days and, if, you will schedule time to use this information with your team, there is absolutely no way your productivity will not soar!


I want you to be the best clinician so I am going to suggest that you lead the team and assign an implementer, someone to lead this training. In case you don’t have a person on your team to IMPLEMENT, we have you covered. You see, this is a common situation and we have consultants, trainers who can meet with your team to help support your process of growing your practce, of taking you to your next level of success.


If you want to be sure this information gets implemented just reach out to our office, in fact you can contact us and I will talk to you personally to create your implementation plan. Your 1st call with me if FREE. Just use this link to schedule a call me me to further discuss:

Are you ready to turbo-charge your dental practice and live your best life now?

Let me say this again, for 14 days you have access to the trainings,
scripts, forms, processes and more for FREE.

What do you need to do now?

  • First step is to complete the registration.
  • Next, you will create a log-in and password.
  • You will then need to download the training videos, scripts, forms and processes we have created for you.
  • Delegate an implementer and if you don’t have an implementer let’s talk about how our team of consultants
    and coaches can support you to get this working like a well-oiled machine in your dental practice.
  • Schedule a team training (or we can help you with training your team. Just schedule a call so we can discover
    what is best for you and your team:

Take a Test Drive

Most important thing you can do is take a test drive and implement what we have created for you and your dental practice.

If you are not 100% satisfied within the first 14 days, there is no commitment. Nothing lost but your time spent viewing the training information.

Our goal is for you to stay indefinitely because the information you will continue to receive is on-going.

You and your other team member, also receive 24 AGD CE Credits over the next year as a member of our community.

Are you wondering if you can add more employees to this and
if they can also receive the 24 AGD CE Credits?

The answer is, YES!
For each employee you want to have access to; their own log-in and password, plus, receive the AGD CE Credits, you pay $20.00 a month.
We want to make this as simple for you as possible.

All you need to do is contact our office to register
additional employees.

Email us: or Call us: 949-351-8741.
What is your future investment?
After your first 14 days which is FREE, you pay only $97.00/Month; indefinitely.

Will this price increase once we start paying $97.00?

Currently we don’t have plan to raise this price but I know that in the future we will raise this because people tell me “Debbie, you are crazy to give away all this for $97.00!”

At this time I want to get as much of my information out to the world of dentistry.

Once you enroll at the $97.00 a month today, you will be locked into this price!


Our team at Dental Practice Solutions wants to help your team to