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Dental Marketing: Life in the Dental Jungle

By: Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS

December 9, 2016

The Dental Jungle and Web Centric Dental Marketing Focus

The dental jungle has 101 stories; this is one of them. We follow Dr. Alex Middleton, the Guide, as he gives sage advice to his dentist friend, Dr. Jack Mudd.*

Not all dentists understand marketing after all; they went to school to learn clinical skills not marketing strategies.

Life in the Dental Jungle

We all see what comes in the mail each week. What you may think is that the so-called “Junk mail” is marketing. You may think this is the sum total of what marketing is all about.

Jack did not seem to do much dental marketing and asked a question that showed his frame of mind, “What good does marketing your dental practice do when all you see are $29 exams and $600 crowns in the mailers sent? No dentist can make a profit on these kinds of fees.”

Alex explained the role of a loss leader, a call to action and an irresistible offer to Jack. Alex helped Jack get a view of the true marketing picture. Kind of like looking at it from 50 feet in the sky.


Many, many years ago, all roads, at one time, led to Rome. Today, all roads, blogs, tweets, social media posts and shares must lead to your website. Web Centric marketing means that the practices’ website is the center of all your marketing efforts.  All marketing needs to be directed to your website. This is your marketing hub; the center of all that is important about the practice.

Three key ingredients need to be included in your web centric marketing action plan:

  1. Website mobile responsive
  2. An irresistible offer
  3. A strong call to action

It’s imperative that you know where your ideal patients hang-out, what activities they participate in, etc. To create successful marketing efforts, you want to know what type of activities your future and current patients participate in, what churches they attend, what schools their children attend and even what magazines/newspapers they read.

Mobile responsive and mobile capability is 100% necessary. The practice that does not plan for mobile responsivness will lose market share over time to those that do. Most people in today’s world search the internet on their mobile phone, iPad or mobile device. If your website is not mobile responsive it is likely that these people will never see your website.

To move people from spectator to customer there needs to be a strong reason for them to make a choice; make a decision. Give people your best offer and they will respond. What do you find irresistible? Chances are others will feel the same way. When they do feel good about your irresistible offer they will buy.

Everyone likes a deal—so get good at closing deals. But beware, not all deals need to involve a huge discount. Adding value often trumps discounts. Many people want access to a limited supply of their doctor’s time. Many value the VIP status that comes with being an insider. How can you create added value without devaluing your services and decreasing your profitability?

To cut the fee or not… Now, that is the question! Do your research and see how much more you will grow if you have a marketing action plan that includes some fee discounts for specific purposes. Those purposes could be filling hard-to-fill appointment slots, attracting new patients, reactivating patients who have not been in for the last eighteen months or filling in an empty schedule today. Another opportunity is when you have a new associate and need to fill their schedule.

Have you re-evaluated your practice’s website lately? Does it clearly illustrate the added value you bring to patients? Does is display your irresistible offer boldy? Does your website draw new patients in? Do current patients visit your website to see what new things are going on in the life of your practice from which they can benefit? Perhaps it’s time to “put fresh eyes” on your website.

*Excerpt from The $10,000 A Day Dentist Author: Dr Bill Williams Director of the 5M Mastermind